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Ischemia Care's deep diagnostic pipeline covers the entire stroke care continuum when critical information is needed, from "point of care" through hospitalization.

The BASE clinical trial was designed to answer the important questions required to effectively identify, diagnosis, and treat stroke patients from the onset of symptoms through post hospitalization patient management. The following are separate testing modalities under development at Ischemia Care:

Point of care testing:

There are over 2,000,000 US emergency room visits each year for stroke symptoms. These symptoms may be an ischemic event that requires immediate medical attention. BASE has collected data and blood samples on patients that have had ischemic events within 15 minutes of being enrolled in the BASE clinical trial. Additionally, BASE has collected data that will potentially lead to point of care testing for stroke, transient ischemic attacks, stroke mimics, and other transient neurological events.

In hospital testing:

Once a patient has a confirmed stroke, and emergent care has been received, the patient is hospitalized, and the cause of the ischemic stroke becomes the focus to prevent recurrence. Ischemia Care has collected significant data related to the care continuum of stroke that includes biological data, but also complete work up algorithms, health economic data, and other information relevant to understand how care decisions are made in hospital. Ischemia Care understands patient flow in the hospital setting from triage through in hospital patient testing, discharge, and medical management to prevent recurrence. Testing under development for cause of stroke includes the following:

  • Cardioembolic

  • Atheroembolic / Atherosclerotic

  • Lacunar

  • Other know

  • Cryptogenic

Post discharge testing:

Beyond the hospital setting, once a patient is discharged, there are number of important factors that influence the patients’ recovery and outcomes. Ischemia Care is focused in the entire care continuum, including beyond the hospital.

Intellectual property:

Ischemia Care has a significant intellectual property portfolio that is based upon the initial discoveries of using RNA expression in stroke, in both the US and worldwide. Ischemia Care’s intellectual property strategy includes patent filings (5 US and 19 internationally), trade secrets (such as proprietary laboratory methodology, data analytics, clinical trial operations), and trademarks/ copywriting.

The following diagram outlines the stroke care continuum and questions Ischemia Care’s proprietary technologies and approach can solve for to improve care and reduce costs.