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Cost Effectiveness

At Ischemia Care, we understand that healthcare innovation needs to improve patient care AND reduce costs. If you are a hospital interested in learning more about our Ischemia Care Cost Effectiveness Program, please call us today at 513-897-9106 for more information. 


We have experience working with major healthcare providers and can provide information on how Ischemia Care testing can stratify patients more effectively into guideline directed patient care.

While Ischemia Care is a diagnostic company, we have generated significant data through the BASE clinical trial related to patient workup and hospitalization costs. We understand DRG payments may not always be aligned with Average Covered Charges. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our Cost Effectiveness Program around our diagnostic testing. We believe that the best interest of the patient and cost effectiveness can be in alignment. Examples of our cost effectiveness analysis work includes benchmarking performance by etiology, DRG, geographic market, and other performance metrics.

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