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Ischemia Care Welcomes Edward C. Jauch, M.D. as Newest Advisory Board Member

Dr. Jauch to Co-Present BASE Clinical Trial Science at 2020 International Stroke Conference

OXFORD, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ischemia Care, LLC (Ischemia Care), an artificial intelligence company pioneering diagnostic blood tests for stroke, today appointed Edward C. Jauch, M.D. as chairman of the company’s clinical advisory board. Dr. Jauch is a well-respected clinical leader and author of the 2013 Guidelines for the Early Management of Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke.

The clinical advisory board will guide Ischemia Care’s mission to empower clinicians with biological insights that minimize unnecessary invasive testing and raise diagnostic certainty for maximum treatment benefit.

“Ischemia Care is committed to creating a better process to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of a stroke,” stated Jeff June, CEO of Ischemia Care. “Dr. Jauch is a world-class expert, bringing a deep understanding of stroke care and a diverse set of experiences that will challenge and improve our way of thinking. We look forward to his leadership as we work to simplify hospital workflow and improve patient care.”

Each year $34B is spent in the U.S. related to stroke care.1 In roughly 150,000 cases, the cause of stroke remains undetermined, increasing the risk of secondary stroke.2 The company’s ISCDx test is the first and only blood test that is able to identify the cause of stroke by analyzing patterns of gene expression in whole blood. The test was developed as a result of the Biomarkers of Acute Stroke Etiology (BASE) clinical trial and is available for patients today.

“The unmet need for a simple, reliable diagnostic test to guide the workup of stroke patients is well understood,” noted Dr. Jauch. “Previous efforts have fallen short in terms of either trial execution, scientific development, or commercialization. This technology has the potential to simplify the search for cause and has major implications for hospital workflow and ultimately our ability as clinicians to more effectively manage secondary prevention.”

Dr. Jauch will co-present BASE clinical trial science at the upcoming 2020 International Stroke Conference, February 19-21, in Los Angeles, California during the following sessions:

RNA Expression for Diagnosis of Stroke Etiology Differentiating Large Artery and Cardioembolic Stroke: Analytical Validation of Testing from the BASE Clinical Trial. A8. Oral Abstract 50.

RNA Expression Signature to Diagnose Stroke Etiology by Atrial Fibrillation Versus Large Artery Atherosclerosis Cause: a BASE Clinical Trial Analysis. MP6. Poster Tour WMP61/MP61.

Biology of Stroke: Role of ELL2, GLIPR1, MAPKAPK3 Genes in Identifying Atrial Fibrillation Cause of Stroke. MP19. Poster Tour TMP100/MP100.

The ISCDx test will also be on display at Ischemia Care’s booth, #503.

Ed Jauch, M.D., Misson Health – Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Jauch is well known in the field of stroke research, leading or participating in numerous Phase II and III clinical stroke trials over the past 20 years. He served as the Chair of Stroke Council for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) and primary author of the 2013 Acute Ischemic Stroke guidelines. He is a coauthor on the flagship AHA/ASA guidelines for telemedicine use in stroke, primary prevention of stroke, prehospital care of stroke, and stroke systems of care.

About Ischemia Care, LLC

Ischemia Care is an emerging leader in the field of developing advanced blood-based testing for stroke. The company’s mission is to empower clinicians with new information to make the best decisions for each stroke patient in their care.

In September 2019, the ISCDx test completed the rigorous analytical validation process required by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) program and became available for hospital patients as a send out laboratory developed test. The CLIA program oversees laboratory testing in 265,000 US clinical laboratories. The ISCDx test is built upon several decades of academic research and the Biomarkers of Acute Stroke Etiology (BASE) Clinical trial, the largest and fastest enrolling trial of its kind. Additional testing in Ischemia Care’s pipeline is related to acute diagnosis of stroke and transient ischemic attach (TIA or mini-stroke) to enable rapid triage and treatment, as well as testing related to atrial fibrillation.

Saver, J. Cryptogenic Stroke. NEJM. May 26, 2016.

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