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What caused her stroke?

Know it. Treat it.

Collect patient blood sample

Unique gene expression reveals cause of stroke

Optimize treatment & prevention

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International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles February 18 - 21

Clinical Need

Blood testing for stroke patients as a clinical workflow tool to improve patient care and reduce hospital costs, by empowering clinicians with new information.


ISCDx, differentiates cardioembolic from large artery atherosclerosis cause of stroke to improve secondary prevention and reduce cryptogenic or "unknown" cause of stroke.


The BASE clinical trial recruited patients to develop and validate blood tests covering ischemic stroke, atrial fibrillation, transient ischemic attacks, and transient neurological events.


Ischemia Care is an artificial intelligence company pioneering diagnostic blood tests for stroke using RNA expression based on strong clinical data.


Ischemia Care (ISC) uses blood testing for stroke patients as a clinical workflow tool to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital costs, by empowering clinicians with new information.


Identifying, diagnosing, and treating stroke is difficult. 2M patients arrive in US hospitals annually with suspected stroke. 800,000 of these patients will be diagnosed with a stroke. 250,000 stroke patients never have cause determined (“cryptogenic”) resulting in patient anxiety, clinician frustration, increased costs, and potential higher risk of a recurrent stroke. Recurrent strokes are more massive, debilitating, and costly. Identifying cause enables guideline directed patient care to reduce recurrent stroke risk.


In Sept 2019, ISC launched the first clinically available stroke blood test, ISCDX, a “in hospital” test using gene expression (RNA) to differentiate major stroke causes, including cardioembolic strokes due to atrial fibrillation. ISCDX is a CLIA registered LDT governed under CMS. Future tests will focus on emergent stroke care in emergency room and ambulatory settings.


ISC completed BASE (Biomarkers of Acute Stroke Etiology NCT02014896), a 1700 patient, 20 site, clinical trial resulting in patient data supporting a pipeline of multiple tests answering key clinical questions in stroke care, that today are difficult and expensive to answer. BASE clinical trial data is published and presented at major conference.


Undetected AF puts stroke victims at a higher likelihood for recurrent stroke and may go undetected during standard clinical work up. Ischemia Care is addressing this clinical need.


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