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Stroke is a big problem with over 800,000 strokes per year and over $34 billion spent on diagnosis and treatment.

Ischemia Care's first test, ISCDX, is designed to "Take the Mystery out of Cryptogenic Stroke".

Ischemia Care's deep diagnostic pipeline covers the entire stroke care continuum when critical information is needed, from "point of care" through hospitalization.

Ischemia Care proprietary RNA expression testing is built upon significant peer reviewed clinical data, as well as other abstracts, presentations, white papers, etc.

Undetected AF puts stroke victims at a higher likelihood for recurrent stroke and may go undetected during standard clinical work up. Ischemia Care is addressing this clinical need.

Atrial Fibrillation & Ischemic Stroke
Cryptogenic Stroke

Cryptogenic stroke accounts for 30% to 40% of ischemic stroke. It is essential to determine the possible cause because this will improve secondary stroke prevention strategies. Ischemic Stroke Lab is "Taking the mystery out of cryptogenic stroke."

Ischemic Stroke Lab

Ischemia Care created a new laboratory division to launch ISCDX

Hospital Cost Savings

Learn about our ISC cost effectiveness program to improve care and reduce hospital costs for your hospital.

Technology Overview

The Ischemia Care platform of testing and services is built on sound science.

BASE Clinical Trial

The Biomarkers of Acute Stroke Etiology clinical trial is one of the most successful stroke biomarker clinical trial ever conducted.